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Why Exfoliate?

Exfoliating has always been my favourite skincare step, and I particularly love using a manual scrub that I massage into my skin to remove surface debris, clear pores and feeling my nice smooth skin afterwards. There’s just something about it that feels refreshing and freeing—almost like I’m setting my complexion back to its natural, fresh state.

Everyone says exfoliation is a key step in a well-rounded skincare routine since it sloughs off dead and dry skin. But what if you don’t have dry skin? Dry skin isn’t something I struggle with. In fact, my complexion is perpetually changing between normal to oily. So what else is my exfoliating habit doing that makes me love it so much? By regularly clearing away dry and dead skin, a regular exfoliation habit increases your skin’s radiance, clarity, and youthfulness, and that’s just the start.

When you exfoliate your skin, sweeping away dry skin and other debris that might remain on your skin after cleansing, it prevents any residue from clogging your pores, which actively prevents the formation of whiteheads and blackheads.

These are two skin issues that are insanely difficult to get rid of which is why exfoliating is so important. It stops the whiteheads and blackheads before they even have a chance to appear. Dead skin seals the pores, so when sebaceous glands produce oil, it’s ‘stuck’ under the dry skin. This causes breakouts because there is nowhere for the oil to go.

Having your pores clear and free of dead or dry skin allows your skincare products to penetrate more deeply and effectively. Exfoliation helps serums and moisturizers, penetrate deeper into the skin. When something that’s rich in nourishing ingredients penetrates deeper, it’s able to work more effectively which is why exfoliation should always be included in your skincare routine. Dead skin basically becomes a barrier between your skin and serums. By removing it, you allow everything to work much better.

Exfoliation has also been shown to improve dark spots, rough texture, hyper-pigmentation, and acne scars by breaking down dead skin while at the same time smoothing its overall texture, making the skin appear more uniform over time.

Exfoliation has many benefits, including stimulation of lymphatic drainage for internal cleansing and stimulation of oxygen-rich blood to feed and nourish the skin’s surface.

In addition to increasing circulation, exfoliation can also help to boost your skin’s overall radiance. It helps cell turnover so the skin looks more glowing. This means that the skin keeps fresh, healthy cells at the surface, removing dead, dry, or dying ones. This turnover results in that ultra-dewy and baby-faced complexion we all strive for.

Regular exfoliation also helps to stimulate collagen production to improve the skin’s texture, integrity, and keep the skin looking plump, tight, and young. This means that exfoliating can actually offer a ton of anti-aging benefits for no extra effort, effectively helping to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As for how often you should be exfoliating, it has been recommended that people with Rosacea exfoliate once a week. Although the thought of scrubbing your face with coffee can seem a little scary when you have a condition such as Rosacea, it can actually help improve the condition as the caffeine in coffee constricts blood vessels, thus helping keep redness away from the skin’s surface. Those suffering from Rosacea can hope to see a noticeable difference in their flare-ups if they use a coffee scrub as a part of their regular skincare routine.

Coffee beans are free radical fighting powerhouses and can help keep your skin stay looking young, fresh and undamaged. Free radicals oxidize healthy cells in our bodies, causing potentially dangerous chain reactions of unstable cells in our bodies. These unstable chain reactions are thought to be a cause of premature aging and sun spots. Antioxidants are free radical-fighting compounds that are found both in our body and in certain natural substances like, you guessed it, coffee beans!

So get your scrub on guys! If you’re prepared to jump on in and give it a go, you can find our delicious smelling Organic Coffee and Cacao Face Scrub on the webshop. Its made with all organic ingredients including coffee grounds, cacao, mineral sea salts and also includes hydrating avocado and coconut oils which will leave your skin beautifully clean and moisturised.