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Why bother with charity?

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Why bother supporting charity?

When Frankie Cosmetics was started, there was never any question about supporting an animal welfare charity, as it fits in so intrinsically to our ethos.

So why don’t other companies support charities affiliated with their concepts?

I feel as though it is so important to give something back, depending on what your passion is. It doesn’t take much time, effort or money to support a cause that you are so passionate about.

As far as Frankie Cosmetics is concerned, we are absolutely passionate about the humane treatment of animals, and keeping animal testing out of all of our products.

All of our products are vegan. We chose to do this simply because we could! There are plenty of alternatives these days to conventional cosmetics that enable these choices to be made.

By exercising choice, we decided to pledge a portion of profits to the RSPCA. This wonderful organization can actually influence legislation changes to animal rights and has the power to prosecute companies, businesses and individuals who break these laws.

The RSPCA is totally reliant on charity to be able to fund their incredible work, which ranges from lobbying industry and government for changes to the laws, running animal shelter and rehabilitation programs and providing adoption facilities.

Below is an excerpt directly from the RSPCA website, which goes to the core of what they are about:

“RSPCA Australia believes that animals must be treated humanely. Where humans make use of animals or interfere with their habitat, they should bestow a level of care befitting human dignity as rational, intelligent, compassionate beings, and a level of care merited by the nature of the animal as a sentient creature capable of responding to human care and attention. Such care should be marked by sympathy, consideration, compassion and tenderness towards animals”

Simply by organizations like the RSPCA existing, means that there is a champion for animals and animal welfare that is visible, accessible and is active in the protection of animals everywhere.

My question is, why wouldn’t you want to support them?