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Summer Is Coming!

Summer Is Coming!

I love the very start of summer. In mid November, when the smell of jasmine is in the air and the morning walk seems just a little warmer. It is a special time of year for me, more so than Summer itself.
It is a time of change. We are shaking off the last vestiges of winter and getting ready for warm summer days spent with friends and family.

It takes me back to my teenage years. Walking into school past the jasmine vines, picking the wild blackberries and looking forward to afternoons hanging out with my friends at the local pool or the beach.

I grew up in Northern NSW, and went to school at a town called Mullumbimby abut 30mins drive north of Byron Bay. Looking back it was a great place to grow up. It was quiet, with wonderful natural beauty everywhere you looked. Which now I’m sure is the reason why my parents made the choice when my siblings and I were small children, to leave the western suburbs of Sydney for a peaceful life.

It was around this time of the year, when I graduated highschool. I was 18 and a few months and I came to the conclusion that this place was a bit too boring for me now. I decided to move to Sydney, because things were a bit more exciting there and I could make a life for myself. I remember walking out of the school grounds for the last time, with the heady smell of jasmine in the air.

A lot has happened in almost 20 years, but I still go back to my favourite place whenever I go back home to visit my family. The scent of the jasmine in the air reminds me that it’s not too long now until I get to go home. It also reminds me of how much I have grown. I’m not that 18-year-old girl anymore, but I still share her dreams and hopes for the future.