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Natural Daytime Minerals

So, by now you’re all probably wondering how to use these amazing products to achieve a natural, glowing complexion?

Well here you go, a step by step instruction on how to apply mineral cosmetics – YAY!!! ☺

Step one: Prep your skin.
You can’t skip this step. It is so important to have a beautiful soft canvass to start with as if your skin is dehydrated it will show!
Ensure you have lightly exfoliated the night before and used a good night cream. In the morning lightly wash your face and use a light day cream. Allow this to settle into your skin and you’re ready for step 2.

Step 2: Back to base-ics.
Using a primer will help prime your skin for the foundation and will also help the makeup to last all day. A primer will help control the natural oil production in your skin, so you wont find your foundation sliding off your face at lunchtime. Apply the primer in sweeping motions with your foundation brush, across the forehead, down the nose onto the chin and across the cheeks.

Step 3: Build your foundation.
Once the primer has set, now apply your liquid mineral foundation to your brush, starting at the centre of your face and blending out, upwards towards the forehead and down, blending along the jawline for a seamless finish.
At this point you apply concealer, under the eyes and any other area that might need a little extra coverage.

Step #4: The power of powder.
Now you are ready for your contouring! Pinch your powder brush and sweep along your bronzer to pick up the pigment. Sweep the colour under your cheekbones, from the ear down to just under the apple of your cheek. Repeat on the other side. Lightly sweep some colour along your hairline on your forehead, and you may also want to sweep some bronzer down either side of your nose with a smaller brush.

Now, apply the highlighter with the same brush on the high points of your face, along the cheekbones and bridge of your nose.
Finally, sweep the same brush over your blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend back along your cheekbones.

Step #5: The eyes have it.
Now, take your eyeshadow brush and press your selected colour over your eyelids and blend upwards towards your brow bone. This can be a neutral tone, or if you are looking for a little more drama, select a darker tone.
Take your angle brush and using an eyeshadow shade closest to your hair colour fill in your brows. Apply your mascara and you’re ready for the last step.

Step #6 Lip Service.
The key to keeping your lips looking amazing is, treat them as you would the skin on your face. Regular exfoliating and moisturizing is key to luscious lips!
Apply a super nourishing lip gloss or lipstick with awesome natural ingredients and you’re set!

Now you can go and take on the world! ☺