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Let’s Talk Skincare!

Ok, so I know skincare talk can be a bit daunting and it can also be a polarizing topic.

The real question I can hear you all asking , is “what do I actually do though?” I battled with this question for SOOOO many years, until I discovered a routine and products that work for my skin.

The reality is that one size doesn’t fit all with skincare. There are so many factors to consider when working out what the right regime is for you, and its not just what products to use.

First up, lets talk about time. We are all time pressured these days, whether its making school lunches for the kids, drop offs, pick ups, weekend sports, feeding the pets, getting to work on time, family commitments – or a combination of all of the above! Knowing how much time you can set aside for yourself is important, as this will likely dictate the kind of routine you establish for your skin, and self care in general.

Next is cost, and this is a biggie. Some of us can only afford $ while others can afford $$$ and being realistic with how much you can afford and are prepared to pay for skincare products is also an important factor. A lot of the time, cost is what drives most purchases for people, and knowing that you are getting good value for your hard earned can make you feel good about a purchase.

The last consideration I’ll mention here is what you value most. Do you want an entirely plant based option, or are you OK with the product containing animal derivatives like lanolin? Does sustainability and ethical production matter to you? Are the products made by people that are paid a fair wage and work in a safe environment?

I found myself questioning these topics in particular when seeking skincare products that suited not only my skin type, but also my lifestyle and aligned with my values.

After searching high and low for years, I was able to source products that not only did wonders for my skin, but were also made in Australia, were vegan and made by amazing talented artisans and included uniquely Australian grown ingredients which I am proud to say now are part of our skincare range at Frankie Cosmetics.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll introduce you to our different skincare products, their features and benefits and how you can incorporate their use into your existing routine, or you could take up the challenge and start a whole new one. Whether you’re new to the skincare game or an old hat Frankie Cosmetics can help you along the way.

Thanks for reading,

B xx