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Frankie Cosmetics – Who, How and Why.

Hello Reader!

Thank you for following the link to my first ever blog. I’m really excited to tell you all about who I am, how Frankie Cosmetics happened and why I love what I do.

My name is Bronwyn. I was born in Sydney, raised in Byron Bay and currently living and working in Sydney with my wonderful husband Chris, and mini long-haired daschund fur baby, Frankie.

The journey begins a few years ago, in my early 30’s when I started to become more conscious and aware of the environment, and my impact on it. Not just the amount of rubbish in the bin every week, but down to every aspect of my life, and how I could minimize my environmental impact.

This included an overhaul of my diet, cleaning products, my beauty drawer and everything in-between. I wanted to become as carbon neutral as possible.

So, in the spirit of finding new ways to live my life – I embarked on what I called a vegan challenge. Which, for someone who had never tried tofu or mung beans before was a big deal, but I was up for the challenge so off I went.

Changing my diet was remarkably easy! I found new ways with beans that I had never thought possible, I had discovered kale, quinoa and chia, and I had to triple the allocated room for spices in my cupboard. I thought to my self “wow, this is a lot easier than I thought it would be…” so after a few weeks I thought I would start on the next part of my plan, which was my beauty drawer – this would prove much more challenging.

Well, where do I start with this! There were micro plastics in my exfoliator, silicones in my primer and foundation, carcinogens in my eye shadows and all other manner of glycerides, petro-chemicals and chemical preservatives in my body wash!

I was able to find a new face/body wash pretty easily, but had resigned myself to #nomakeupselfies until I could find a suitable alternative to my makeup conundrum.

In short, I searched high and low, tried a plethora of products and ultimately found none that I was completely happy with. To be honest with you though, after having been a qualified makeup artist for over 13 years at this point, my standards were pretty high. I struggled with this for a while and over a wine (or 3) one night with my hubby I explained my problem and his response, in typical male fashion “well, why don’t you just make your own then?”

Thus, the seed was planted and then commenced the over 2 year journey to get to this point, where I now have the opportunity to share my passion with you.

When I started this new way of living, I never thought I would end up at this point. Making beautiful, natural products here in Australia, with no harmful fillers, additives or preservatives helps protect the environment, is good to your skin and supports the Australian economy.

There were so many things about the Vegan lifestyle that appealed to me, not least of which was the premise of making decisions and choices that would do no harm to animals. While looking at my fur baby in the eyes one day, I wondered how anyone could ever dream of hurting an animal, particularly for the purpose of vanity. As a result, all of Frankie Cosmetics products are completely vegan, and contain only natural ingredients ,which are NOT tested on animals. To add to this we also pledge to donate a portion or our profits to the RSPCA and other animal welfare charities to help combat cruelty to animals everywhere.

And for the name, Frankie Cosmetics, well my very own Frankie was the inspiration for that name. It also serves as a reminder that we have the power to make choices which affect our own lives, and the lives of those that we love.

Frankie Cosmetics. Good for your skin, good for your soul.