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Conscious Consumerism

Conscious Consumerism

Consciousness and mindfulness are buzzwords we are hearing a lot about lately. Be conscious of your diet and exercise, be present in the moment, breathe, collect memories not things, be self –ware and be mindful of your feelings and emotions.

These are all great things, but are definitely inward looking and a little self absorbed. Really, it is a selfish exercise. Not that there is anything wrong with being a little selfish sometimes. Being self-aware is a great attribute to have as you can analyze your feelings better and therefore have a better response to a situation, rather than just flying off the handle and being reactive.

The point remains though, if one is constantly looking inward, how could they expect to be able to make positive choices that impact the environment around them?

Part of being a conscious consumer is being aware of where your products come from and how they are made. It’s about reading the ingredients list and seeing what is actually included in that item you are purchasing.
Particularly these days, when milk may not be milk, and honey may not be 100% honey! I know, confusing right?

Making sure you are getting what you are paying for can be achieved with just a little education and consciousness about the products you are purchasing. Knowing the details, like where it is made, what it’s made of, how the item is manufactured and who actually made it.

When checking the ingredients list, a great indicator is if you can actually pronounce the words listed there! 9 times out of 10 if you cant pronounce something, it usually means that it is either synthetic, or is a chemical based additive that is not good for you.
And if you see something you don’t know, or don’t recognize ask someone! Or conduct your own research! There are so many tools available to us these days – thank you GOOGLE – that enable us to make informed choices and decisions.

Practicing awareness and consciousness is more a reflective and informative standpoint. It is outward looking with empathy and understanding. By being more aware the result is typically a better choice both for you and the environment.